18 December 2008

Live Through Compassion

The world needs more compassion. Those without compassion are a menace to society and to themselves. 

We should never assume that we know what is best for other people. It is not our place to make decisions for other people. Helping other people make decisions for themselves is optimum.

Love is life.
Life should be full of love.
We should live through compassion.

21 October 2008

Bisexuality. Is it real?

Does anyone else feel like the existence of bisexuals is ignored a good part of the time? I mean, people always talk about the discrimination of homosexuals but barely ever the rest of the LGBT community. I never really identified as a bisexual, partly due to the horrible stereotypes, but mostly due to the fact that I do not find myself attracted to a person because of their gender. I don't give a damn what gender you are. I am attracted to people for WHO they are. After a while I just started identifying as a bisexual because it made it easier for other people to understand. Now I am realizing more and more just how much people like to act as if bisexuality does not exist. As if we all have to be either heterosexual or homosexual. It makes me discouraged- especially when other members of the LGBT community act as if heterosexuality and homosexuality are the only two sexual orientations.