11 January 2009

Finding the way

How much of one's life is independently planned, and how much is simply going through the motions that society expects? It is dictated by the government that at a certain age, a child enters formal schooling. The child then spends the next twelve years going to school day after day. By the eleventh year, the child is expected to know what is they want to do with their life. By the twelfth year, the child is made to pick a college where they are then expected to spend the next four years preparing for the rest of their life.

What if someone does not want to go to college immediately? Then they are expected to get a full-time job in order to become a contributing member of society. If one chooses this second option, are they then looked at differently than they would be if they had just gone to college like everyone else? What if one wants to just take the time to really find themselves? To figure themselves out in every aspect?

Is there a right or wrong way to go about the rest of your life?